Pressure meters closeupAir compressors come in many different shapes and sizes. Some look like pancakes. Others have massive tanks that take up an entire corner of your garage. Industrial air compressors can even be routed through dedicated air lines to multiple tools for workers to use. The bottom line is this: if you’ve got a tough project ahead of you, owning an air compressor will make those tasks easier to complete.

Air compressors by themselves can’t do a whole lot. If you attach a blow gun to them, then they can blow air out. Different nozzles and attachments will allow you to fill up tires and other inflatables. Air tools like an impact gun will let you take apart some stubborn stuff. Finishing tools will let you show off your mastery of carpentry.

The choice is up to you. These air compressor reviews will help to make that choice a simple process.

Why Do You Need an Air Compressor?

Have you ever tried to install wooden trim by hand? Or tried to install a hardwood floor with a hammer? You might be pretty good at what you do, but an air compressor makes you better. Combined with helpful air tools, you can eliminate the ugly hammer strikes that become permanent fixtures into your trim, moldings, or hardwood flooring if you happen to miss.

You also wind up saving a lot of bruises on your thumbs. A definite bonus!

Different projects require different tools. Different tools have different needs. Each brand has specific models that have been designed to meet those different needs. What air compressor style might be right for you today?

  • Inflators. These are designed to be cordless or operate with a 12v receptacle in most instances. You can fill up tires, sports equipment, and other items that need some air.
  • Oil-less. These are low-to-no maintenance air compressors that are generally louder, but more flexible. They come in stationary or portable options. They work at different angles and in different temperatures.
  • Oil-lubricated. These are the longest lasting air compressors on the market today, which means they typically have a higher price point. There are typically more stationary models than portable ones in the market today since these don’t function well in cold temperatures. 

Why do you need an air compressor? Because you’ve embraced the DIY world and have some work to get done. You work as a mechanic or contractor and you need to improve your bottom line. Either way, you’re going to find the best air compressors put together for your research convenience right here.

The Advantage of Real Air Compressor Reviews For You

Some fantastic air compressors get 1 star ratings because someone forgot to close their drain valve. Others get a 1 star star rating because someone forgot to check on oil levels and the motor burned out on them. Let’s face it – online reviews are only as good as the experience people have with air compressors. Our experience comes through with every review.

We’ve looked at public and forum reviews. We’ve also used our direct experience with these brands and models to give you something many sites like these can’t provide: real information. We’re more interested in helping you find the right compressor because this is also what we do to put food on our table. It’s real information from real people with the nonsense sorted out so you receive an accurate picture of every compressor.

Your to-do list isn’t getting any smaller. You could keep putting off your projects, but considering how affordable many of these compressors happen to be, now is the time to act. Research your favorite brands, find some hidden gems, and invest wisely. That’s the key to finding the best air compressor to meet your needs today.