Craftsman Air Compressor Reviews

Craftsman is a brand of tools that is known for their lifetime warranty. You can often take back a broken Craftsman tool, no matter how old it happens to be, to have it replaced with a new one of equal or greater value. You are unable to find this brand available except through specific retail outlets, so here are the key points we discovered in our independent Craftsman air compressor reviews to consider during your shopping experience.

  1. Craftsman air compressors are surprisingly loud. Have you ever been passed by a group of Harley Davidson motorcycle riders on a freeway before with your driver’s side window down? If so, then you’ll get an idea of how loud this brand of air compressor tends to be. Even when you have it outside your home, you’ll find that it is going to rattle the windows. The recovery fill also tends to be a bit slow on many of the entry-level models, so the air compressor is almost always running during use. 
  1. You’ve really got to watch the quick disconnect fittings. One of the most common complaints you’ll find in every set of Craftsman air compressor reviews involves the quick disconnect fittings with which some models are equipped. With any bumps to it, you’ll find that there is a high risk of a leak forming. Sometimes the fitting just breaks outright. Buying a brass replacement only costs <$5, but is still a hassle even when you know what you’re doing. 
  1. Many of the cooling fans are made with plastic. When the Craftsman air compressor is operating in an open environment, it tends to perform pretty well. If it has any bit of enclosure around it, however, then it is going to heat up. Because many of the internal motor parts tend to be made with plastic today instead of metal to keep retail prices down, too much heat tends to cause the keyways to get stripped out of the cooling fans. 
  1. The warranty is 50% of a standard warranty for most compressor brands. For residential use, you’ll find that most air compressors will offer you a 2 year limited warranty. For Craftsman brand air compressors, that warranty is just one year. This makes it great for small jobs that you’ve got to get done, but if you want something closer to commercial or industrial use, even at home, you’ll likely need to step up to a different brand. 
  1. It works well with Craftsman accessories. If you can get past some of the negatives this brand tends to offer rather consistently, then you’re going to love what you can do with this tool. Painting tools can let you quickly paint the interior or exterior of your home. Cleaning fences is a very simple process. Filling tires is very easy. With the slow recovery, you may find that high capacity accessories will tax the system, but overall this can be a time-saving investment when you have specific needs needing to be met. 
  1. Many Craftsman models are oil-free. If you’re not used to maintaining an air compressor, then you can wind up inadvertently ruining your tool without realizing what you’re doing. Most of the air compressors made by this brand are oil-free, so you don’t have to worry so much about knowing how to operate your air compressor. You can basically just set it up, hook up your tubing, your preferred accessories, and get to work. 
  1. It’s really good for users who don’t plan on daily use. The Craftsman air compressor reviews you’ll find online all tend to have one thing in common: the highest rankings for durability come from owners who only use their tool 1-4x per month. Any use above that level tends to generate complaints about overheating, hose problems, and other breakdown issues. 
  1. The price is usually right. You’ll find that many Craftsman air compressors tend to be priced below $200. This allows many homeowners to get a tool that they need so their projects can get completed. The retail outlets which sell this brand often run sales on air compressors as well, which means there are often several weeks every year where you can get this tool for up to 50% off. A 30 gallon air compressor for less than $150 does happen. 

Our Craftsman air compressor reviews, along with an overview of online owner reviews, show that for light and occasional needs, this tool can help you finish your projects. If you have a need for commercial or industrial use, or there’s a large DIY project you need to finish up, a different brand may be required.


  1. renick proffitt

    I will never buy another craftsman compressor. Bought a new one in May of 2016 for light use around the house. Had issues with it throwing the breaker and locking up. Took it back to Sears for repair and when it was returned was told nothing was wrong with it and also was going to be charged 50.00 for telling me nothing was wrong with a broken compressor. Ran it last night and did the same thing except this time it’s locked up for good. Warranty ran out last month. So I’m stuck with a junk compressor and now must go purchase a new one.

  2. Nate phinney

    Husky compressors, even the large ones, will not last as long as a hobby user, like myself, would ever expect. Off tomorrow to buy a real compressor.

  3. Charles Corley

    You most likely used an inadequate extension cord while running the compressor. Read the owners manual before you use power tools. The manual states that you must use the proper rated extension cord and it cannot exceed a certain length. That is why the repair service could not find a defect. They did not use the extension cord the customer used. The manual states to use longer air hose and not an extension cord.

    The manufacturer highly engineers the electrical motors to be able to use household electrical service to get the most power from the circuit. But, extension cords reduce some of the power the motor needs to run properly.

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