Husky Air Compressor Reviews

Husky air compressor reviews are generally found on websites like Home Depot rather than Amazon because of how this brand is sold. It is primarily a retail brand that has limited online purchasing options. From time to time you might find a quality product listed on a site like Amazon, however, so it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of all Husky outdoor tools.

Here are some of the specific strengths and specific weaknesses to consider as you shop for your next air compressor.

The Strengths of the Husky Brand

  1. This brand is manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry. Husky might be considered the house brand of Home Depot, but their air compressors are still built by some of the biggest and best names in this industry. The manufacturing process has been outsourced to Apex Tools, Western Forge, and Stanley Black and Decker. 
  1. You’ve got multiple size options. Whether you need the Husky 3 gallon portable electric oil-lubricant air compressor and its combo kit, which retails for $129, or the 30 gallon trunk mount high flow air compressor, which retails at $2,039, you have multiple options with this brand that will let you get your next job done. If you don’t have a retail store close and there aren’t any products listed on a site like Amazon, you can shop online to have these air compressors shipped to your home for free. 
  1. Residential users have access to a 2 year warranty. Husky hand tools are backed by a lifetime warranty. Although their air compressors don’t receive this benefit, residential users do receive a 2 year warranty against material and craftsmanship defects. Commercial, industrial, and rental customers are limited to a 90 day warranty. This gives your investment some insurance in case an unexpected failure happens while you’re in the middle of a job. 
  1. All of your Husky brand air compressor accessories are guaranteed to satisfy. If you’re not happy with the way your air compressor accessories are operating with your compressor, you can take the product back to your local Home Depot or authorized outlet for a full refund. All accessories are covered by a 90 day return policy. 

The Weaknesses of the Husky Brand 

  1. All transactions typically happen within a retail environment. Unless you have a local retail outlet that sells Husky air compressors, you’re going to be stuck driving down to your local store to purchase or pickup your air compressor. Since a local store may be anywhere within 50 miles of your home’s location, you might be in for quite the drive just to grab your new tool. Considering fuel and vehicle costs, this may negate much of the savings this brand offers. 
  1. Servicing issues must be handled by authorized dealers. Unlike Amazon’s no-hassle return policy within 30 days if something goes wrong with your air compressor, Husky brand products must either be returned in-store or serviced by an authorized dealer. Although these independent dealers are widespread throughout North America, some rural areas may find that there isn’t a place for their air compressor to be serviced for 100-200 miles. If it breaks down and you’re outside your warranty period, you’re basically left with a huge paperweight. 
  1. They can be a bit fragile. Even if you’re using your Husky brand air compressor exclusively for home projects, you’ll find that the construction of this brand is a little fragile. This is especially true with the plating that covers the cylinders or tanks holding the air. If it rubs up against anything, there’s a strong likelihood that the surface is going to scratch and in some models, that can lead to corrosion developing rather rapidly. 
  1. The motors on these air compressors need a lot of space to vent. You’ll need a large area available to run the air compressor. Even if you have it stored in your garage and you run it with the doors open, the enclosed areas might still be enough to cause the unit to overheat. It is not uncommon to have motor burnouts or pump assembly failures happen within 3-6 months. Depending on what happens, these issues might be attributed to user error and that voids the 2 year residential warranty on the tool. 

As you can see, the Husky air compressor reviews show the primary strengths and weaknesses one should expect with this brand. If you’re on a budget and have a retail center close to your home, then this brand could be a viable solution. If you don’t have a retail center or there isn’t an authorized service center near, shopping online for a different brand might be a better solution

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