Review: California Air Tools 1 HP Aluminum Tank Air Compressor

Let’s say you live somewhere where the air always seems a little bit moist. In the summer, when you step outside, you instantly begin to sweat. This is the type of environment where most air compressors are going to fail to properly operate. The California Air Tools 1 HP aluminum tank air compressor is an exception to this rule. The 1.6 gallon aluminum tank is designed so that it will not rust with moisture exposure.

What Are the Features of the CAT 1 HP Aluminum Tank Compressor? 

As with most California Air Tools compressors, the primary selling point is its ability to operate very quietly. This compressor is rated at just 60 dB, which means you can actually talk to someone while you’re working and not need to be a lip reader just to understand them. It runs at 1 HP, has a peak 2 HP rating, and operates at 1,680 RPM for less overall wear and tear.

There are these additional features to consider when looking at this particular air compressor as well.

  • It offers users an oil-free design. The oil-free pump allows users to have a low maintenance experience with this air compressor. Lower maintenance needs also translate into lower overall operational costs.
  • It is surprisingly lightweight for its size. This isn’t the most portable air compressor of this size on the market today, but this CAT model does weigh just 35 pounds. This makes it light enough to carry around, but sturdy enough to stay put when you’re working.
  • The drain valve is placed in a good position. Instead of being directly on the bottom of the tank, this drain valve is placed just above the floor when in its natural sitting position. This lets you quickly remove water from the aluminum tank to improve the quality of the air being offered. 

Is this air compressor going to replace an industrial-strength air compressor? Of course not. A reasonable expectation would be for this compressor to compliment your existing tools by giving you interior use functions. Trim and finishing work is easy to do with this model. 

Why Choose the CAT 1 HP Aluminum Tank Compressor? 

Although this model doesn’t offer you a high air flow volume, it does fill up rather quickly so you can get to work. It takes just 60 seconds for this California Air Tools compressor to reach its maximum PSI ratings. If you do a lot of hobby work, like upholstering, airbrushing, or engraving, then it will be able to serve its purpose well while barely being heard above typical background noise.

We understand that some folks might be put off by the idea that this compressor is manufactured in China. Once you get a bad taste in your mouth, you don’t want to take another bite of the same thing. We’ve been there. We can also tell you that this air compressor is going to change your mind. You won’t be able to run multiple air tools simultaneously, but for what it’s rated to do, this compressor does a fantastic job.

The motor and pump are the highlights of the California Air Tools 1 HP aluminum tank air compressor. Although we might make some aesthetic improvements if given the choice, this compressor performs consistently well and that’s all you can ask from it.

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