Review: California Air Tools Ultra Quiet 6.3 Gallon Air Compressor

If you love the DIY experience when working on your home, then you need to have quality tools to help you get each job done. You also need tools that won’t break down on you after you use them a few times. The California Air Tools ultra-quiet 6.3 gallon air compressor is one of those items that you’re going to love having around the house. Here are the reasons why we love this model and why we think you will too.

  1. It is incredibly quiet. This air compressor is one of the quietest ones in the industry today. It operates at 60 decibels, so your neighbor’s lawn mower is going to be louder than this. You can even have a conversation with someone while this compressor is recovering. Because it operates at just under 1,700 RPM, you’ll find that less wear and tear happens with every use as well. 
  1. It is surprisingly portable. Not every wheelbarrow design on an air compressor is helpful. At 49 pounds, this California Air Tools compressor seems like it would be difficult to move around. Although the handle and wheels design is very simple, it’s been structured in such a way that you get a lot of leverage. The kids love moving this compressor around as a way to help, so we’re confident just about anyone can take advantage of this design feature. 
  1. It offers a dual piston pump system. This means the air is being compressed not once, but twice. This makes it a more effective overall compression system. The double compression also creates a cleaner air source because more water is removed from humid air. It’s also oil-free in its design, so you can use the air compressor at an angle or in cold weather if needed. This California Air Tools compressor starts like a champ every single time. 
  1. There is an added water trap. This design feature does mean that you’ll need to open up two drain valves when using the compressor instead of one at the end of the day. It can be difficult to remember that at first. The benefit here is that you have more storage space; so even in humid environments this compressor works pretty well. The steel tank isn’t receptive to water storage for more than a day or so, which means users need to be proactive about this maintenance issue. 
  1. The ratings are fairly solid. This particular compressor is rated at 2.35 SCFM at 90 PSI and 3.8 SCFM at 40 PSI. If you use an impact wrench, ratchet, or driver intermittently, then you’ll be able to work fairly effectively. Continuous work on these tools is a little difficult because of the consumption rates you’ll have. 

In general we were very pleased with how this California Air tools ultra-quiet air compressor operates. It works best with low demand needs, but has enough strength with a peak 2 HP performance to let you get some heavy duty work done from time to time. It performs consistently for us and has earned our recommendation as one of the best air compressors on the market today.

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