Review: Campbell Hausfeld 120v Home Inflation System

When you talk about an inflation system, most of the time you’re talking about a 12v system that you’d take somewhere, like going camping or a trip out to the lake. This air compressor is an exception to that rule. The Campbell Hausfeld 120v home inflation system works on a 120v connection at home so you can inflate virtually anything in minutes. With the included carrying handle and a built-in pressure gauge, you’ll find that filling inflatables with air has never been easier or more fun to do.

Here’s what comes in the box: You’ll receive two inflation nozzles, an inflation needle, and an adapter which will let this home inflation system work with Presta valves – the kind you’ll find on road and racing bikes. 

How hot does this air compressor get? The Campbell Hausfeld home inflation system is equipped with a cooling fan, so you don’t have to worry about this unit getting as hot as the portable ones which have similar features. We had no problems using this compressor for an extended period of time. With that being said, you will begin to smell when this unit is starting to get too hot because the motor is contained within a plastic housing. Turn it off right away when that smell comes around and let it cool down. 

How heavy is this model? This particular air compressor weighs 5 pounds, including the weight of the air hose and the power cord, which wraps up conveniently around the bottom of the unit. 

How much reach does this system have? Campbell Hausfeld has equipped this unit with a power cord that is just over 10 feet in length. The air hose is about 3 feet long. 

How easy is it to fill up tires on a vehicle with this system? There’s a definite learning curve to using this system if you plan on using it to maintain air pressure levels in a vehicle or on your bicycle. You’ll want to practice taking this unit on and off. Expect to be refilling your tires with the air lost from detaching this unit the first couple of times at the very least. 

Does this home inflation system work with an extension cord? It works pretty well if you have a 12 gauge extension cord that is 50 feet in length or less. Anything else negatively affects the performance of this air compressor. 

Is the air pressure gauge accurate? We tested the air pressure gauge on this Campbell Hausfeld compressor against a digital pressure gauge and found that our unit was about 4 PSI off, but off that much consistently at all levels of pressure. This seems to be a common occurrence throughout this product line. 

Should hearing protection be worn when using this system? Yes. It is loud enough that you’ll be bothered if using it indoors. It will also affect your neighborhood if using it outdoors. There is also a high level of vibration associated with this compressor that may be bothersome to some users. 

The Campbell Hausfeld 120v home inflation system is a good solution for the problem of needing to inflate items at home. At this price point, it performs as expected and that’s all one can really ask out of a compressor/inflator like this one.

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