Review: Campbell Hausfeld 8 Gallon Air Compressor

Is it really possible for an 8 gallon air compressor to be “heavy duty” in its performance? That’s the question to be answered with the Campbell Hausfeld 8 gallon air compressor. We love having good capacity compressors around to get some work done, so having this particular model on-hand was an exciting prospect.

What we discovered while using this air compressor was very encouraging. Although maybe “heavy duty” isn’t the right marketing description to use, we did discover that this compressor does have better capabilities than some other brands and models at this price point. Here are some of the key points from our experiences with this compressor.

  1. Don’t forget to put oil into it right away. This air compressor ships dry. You’ll have some assembly work to do, which will probably take about 30 minutes. Then make sure you use the sealed bottle of oil before firing the compressor up for the first time. Be prepared for this Campbell Hausfeld compressor to consume more oil than you’re used to seeing, especially on the first few days of operation. 
  1. The high flow regulator actually does its job. We’ve seen more than one compressor have a HFR that leaks like crazy. Some just don’t work at all. You’ll find that this compressor has one that will actually let you control your pressure so you have a wide range of use options available to use. It runs at 1.3 HP and has a max PSI rating of 125, which means the 8 gallon tank will let you work without the need for recovery for some time. You receive 3.6 SCFM at 90 PSI on a standard outlet. 
  1. The cylinder is made from cast iron. This means you’re going to get a lot of durability from this unit. It also means you’ve got to watch how much moisture you’re compressor sees on a regular basis. Cast iron tends to rust more than other compressor metals, so you’ll want to keep this inside and as dry as possible to achieve the best possible results. 
  1. Everything is easy to access. You won’t have to deal with difficult couplings or hard to reach knobs while you’re trying to work with this air compressor. Everything is right where you need it, including the gauges that help you track the performance of this model. An oil gauge is also included so you don’t have to lose time checking oil levels as often as you do with other compressors. 
  1. It is a gas-powered unit. Electric air compressors have their place, but if you really want portability, you need to have a gas-powered air compressor. You must have this compressor on a fairly level surface and it isn’t going to work well outdoors in winter, but the other side of this issue is that you can almost run this compressor indefinitely otherwise. Remember to not use this compressor indoors because of the exhaust output. 

You will need to purchase your air hose and any accessories separately from this unit. That’s the one negative from our experience with the Campbell Hausfeld 8 gallon air compressor. If you need a sturdy compressor that fills up quickly and has the strength to help you work on home or automotive applications, then we highly recommend giving this compressor a closer look.

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