Review: DeWalt 15 Gallon 120v Electric Wheeled Portable Workshop Compressor

We get nervous any time we seen an air compressor listed as a “workshop” compressor. Let’s face it: most workshops that use air compressors need an internal system with dedicated lines to be effective if you have more than one person using air tools. Add in the “portable” nature of this DeWalt 15 gallon 120v electric wheeled air compressor and visions of bad things happening began to form.

We’ll just admit it straight out: our preconceived notions were completely wrong. So ok – it isn’t going to be a multiple worker solution if you own a mechanic business or work as a general contractor. If you love to work on cars in your garage or build stuff at home, however, you’re going to quickly see the value this compressor can provide.

Here are the important stats you’ll want to see:

  • 5 SCFM at 90 PSI. This air compressor can recover very quickly.
  • Max. 200 PSI. Air tools run for a surprisingly long time before the compressor needs to recover. This is even true if you’re using cutting torches or other heavy tools thanks to its EHP [efficient high pressure] tech.
  • 78 dB. It’s relatively quiet for the size of the compressor. Even when you’re standing next to it, you won’t feel like your ears will bleed if you don’t have hearing protection on.
  • Oil-less design. If you don’t feel like messing with oil lubrication, then this is the low maintenance compressor you’re going to want. 

Unlike many air compressors, you can even run an extension cord with this DeWalt model thanks to its design. Now you’ll need a 12 gauge extension cord that’s 50 feet or less in length, but that’s still a remarkable amount of portability for an air compressor of this size. 

The One Design Issue We Don’t Like

There’s a lot of good stuff going on with the DeWalt 15 gallon 120v electric air compressor. If you’re planning to use it at home, then maybe this design issue isn’t going to be bothersome to you. Contractors, however, will want to take note: the drain valve for this unit is unprotected on the bottom of the tank.

When you grab the handle on this compressor and bring it down to move it, there’s a good chance that the valve is going to snap right off if you’re not really careful about making sure the valve avoids contact with the ground. If you break the valve, this will void the 1 year warranty on this particular compressor.

You’ll also want to run this compressor a couple of times in a well-ventilated environment. There’s a certain “breaking in” smell that comes with this DeWalt model that can be tough to work through if you’re in your garage with the doors down.

If you are careful with this particular air compressor, it will provide you with a lot of power. We recommend keeping it fairly stationary and using it low humidity environments for best results. Do that and this investment makes a lot of sense.

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