Review: DeWalt 4.5 Gallon 200 PSI Air Compressor

Air compressors for home use are the most useful when they have high levels of portability. Not only should it be light enough to take anywhere, but it should also be designed to let you move it around as you work without a problem. The DeWalt 2 Gallon 200 PSI air compressor is one of the best examples of this that we’ve seen to date. With 10 inch non-flat foam tires, a handle for easy movement, and a roll cage you can even grip to help move it, this is a surprising powerful air compressor that will let you get a lot of work done.

Just how powerful is this DeWalt hand carry compressor with just a 2 gallon storage tank? Here are the stats that you’ll want to know.

  • You receive 5 SCFM at 90 PSI. Recovery times after the tank has been initially charged are incredibly fast. You might have 30 seconds to wait if you’ve completely drained the 2 gallon tank of compressed air.
  • Operational noise is 78 dB. Although there are quieter air compressors on the market today, being under 80 dB is still a remarkable achievement considering what this air compressor is able to do.
  • Max PSI: 200. Because of the hand carry design and tank placement, you have up to 80% more usable air with every fill, making this compressor one of the most efficient in the industry today. 

The handle on this compressor is collapsible, allowing you to use this model either vertically or horizontally depending on what needs you have.

Who benefits from owning the DeWalt 4.5 Gallon 200 PSI air compressor? This compressor is useful for small-to-medium DIY projects. Finish carpentry, some light framing, and general remodeling projects are easy to complete with this compressor. Basic automotive tasks can also be completed with this compressor, though impact tools will drain the tank rather quickly. 

What is the biggest job this air compressor can handle? When testing it out on a deck-building project. It struggled just a bit when it came to tightening the bolts at the decking joints, but nailing down the primary surface boards was quite easy to do.

How heavy is this air compressor. This DeWalt model weighs just under 80 pounds. This makes it a little heavier than many portable air compressors, but you can still move it around and you’ve got more overall power during use, so the positives here tend to outweigh the negative of its weight. 

Does anything come with this compressor? No. You will need to purchase your air hose and any attachments you may wish to have separately. We recommend using a 0.25 inch air hose with this particular model. 

Why are there so many complaints about this air compressor making a hissing sound? There’s a good chance that people are forgetting to fully close their drain valve after removing water from the compressor tank. You have to tip the tank toward a vertical position to get all of the water out of the tank, so it’s easy to see how one could set this compressor down and then forget that they didn’t close the valve. 

To put it simply: this is a great compressor at a price that is pretty fair. It’s a little more expensive than some may want it to be, but this is a multi-use compressor that will meet most of your at-home needs. We have no hesitation in recommending the DeWalt 4.5 gallon 200 PSI hand carry air compressor today.

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