Review: Senco 1 HP Peak 1 Gallon Air Compressor

Air compressors come in all shapes and sizes. Generally you see small compressors are great for inflating stuff and large compressors get the tough jobs done. With the Senco 1 HP peak 1 gallon tank air compressor, you’re receiving a compressor that has a surprising amount of strength. It can actually deliver up to 44 drives per minutes so you can get several DIY projects completed around the house or your work site.

What Does This Senco Compressor Do? 

We found that the best use for this particular air compressor was with finish carpentry. You could also easily do some upholstery work with this brand and model. At 20 pounds, you can drag it all over the house pretty easily. It delivers a max pressure of 125 PSI and takes about 2 minutes to completely fill. Recovery times range from just under 30 seconds to about 50 seconds depending on the tool you’re using with this compressor.

Inside the box you’ll receive a 0.25 inch universal coupler and the needed air filter. This compressor from Senco has an oil-less design, so it is pretty low maintenance. It’s a bit loud, but there are many similar models from different brands that are a lot louder than this one. When running, its max sound output is 73 dB.

If you’re shooting finish nails or brads indoors, you’ll get the job done. Trim around windows, installing a crown molding, and even rail work can get done. You just don’t have the option of using multiple air tools at once due to the size of this unit.

The Limitations of the Senco 1 HP Air Compressor 

When you get beyond the trim work, you’ll find that although the Senco air compressor can get the job done, it’s going to be a little frustrating when working. We hooked up a framing nailer and could get 4-5 shots in before the compressor would need to recover. You’re basically working 40 seconds on and  40 seconds off.

This particular air compressor is not a fan of high humidity environments either. We do not recommend using this particular model outdoors. It bogs down in anything above 50% humidity and doesn’t seem to like heat much either. It’s virtually flawless indoors when used for trim work, but outdoor work is a major headache.

Because this has just a 1 gallon tank, we can see if you’re using this compressor consistently and it needs to recover on a regular basis that the pressure switch might develop a leak over time. The valve has a small pin in it that seems to wear down with heavy use. It might also develop an issue when being stored long-term without use.

If you’re looking for a small compressor that over-performs when it comes to its power output, then the Senco 1 HP 1 gallon air compressor has a lot of potential. Use it as intended and we think you’ll be pleased with the investment made into this particular model.

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