Review: Wagan Quick Flow Compact Air Compressor

Just because an air compressor is small doesn’t mean that it needs to be under-powered. What if you could have an air compressor, which could inflate a standard 16 inch tire in 10 minutes or less? And what if you could get that compressor for $25 or less? That’s what the Wagan quick flow compact air compressor provides you.

Here is what you can expect to receive with this particular compressor/inflator:

  • 150 Maximum PSI. This gives you up to an 11L per minute flow rate. You can pretty much fill up everything but your largest inflatables in 20 minutes or less.
  • Additional Features. You don’t just get an air compressor with this model. It also doubles as a flashlight in case you have an emergency in the middle of the night. A pressure gauge is included in the casing of the unit to help give you an idea of how much air is already in your tires as well.
  • A Slim Design. This air compressor weighs less than 2 pounds. Despite this fact, the slim design features metal gears instead of plastic ones so you can have a dependable and durable performance that can be measured in years instead of weeks. 

There’s a trick to making sure you get the right amount of air into your tires or inflatables. Over-inflate the tire by 2-3 PSI so that as air escapes when you’re removing the nozzle, you’ll wind up being at the proper inflation level.

What to Watch For With the Wagan Quick Flow Compact Air Compressor 

This unit gets a little hot after 15-20 minutes of use. If you’re just regulating the pressure in your tires, then you won’t notice this issue at all. If you’re filling 4 tires that have gone completely flat or a queen-sized air mattress, however, you might need to give this compressor a bit of a break halfway through to avoid having it burn out.

There’s a storage compartment for the wiring that connects to a 12v connection, but putting the wiring back in there after you take it out is like unraveling your Christmas lights after they’ve been in storage all year. You know you can do it, but making it happen is an entirely different story.

The flashlight is nice to have, but it is reminiscent of the flashlights from a couple decades ago. It feels like a low wattage incandescent bulb. Today’s LED flashlights are much brighter, so we recommend using the flashlight only in an emergency.

At this price point, the quality of the Wagan quick flow air compressor is almost beyond compare. If you need something stronger, a 275 PSI version of this compressor is also available. Take it with you wherever you go and you’ll have a useful tool that can get you out of some tough circumstances. We really enjoyed using this compressor and highly recommend it because of its price, functionality, and overall durability.

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